Maui Wowi Hawaiian Fresh Fruit Smoothies


Our signature beverage.

These rich, creamy delights are created from the finest products with no artificial flavors or colors. Available in a variety of tropical flavors, our smoothies can be mixed together for endless tropical flavor delights.

Click on each flavor to view the nutritional information.

Fresh Fruit Smoothies


Why Our Fresh Fruit Smoothies?

Smoothies are a great accent to the coffee line. They are a super snack and the perfect pick-me-up for the mid- and late-day consumers. Coffee sales will capture the morning crowds and smoothies will capture the afternoon and evening crowds. Everyone will be satisfied throughout the entire day!


Two Fruit Servings

According to the United States Governmental Dietary Values, Maui Wowi Hawaiian qualifies as two fruit servings with a banana. We use only the highest grade of fruit juice concentrates, fruit purees and then add a fresh banana.


Homemade Yogurt

Our pure yogurt is made exclusively for Maui Wowi Hawaiian. It contains live and active yogurt cultures. These “friendly” bacteria are beneficial to the body in many ways, including boosting the immune system. It is a high source of calcium and contains a good amount of phosphorus which is helpful to people at risk of osteoporosis.

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