Maui Wowi Iced Coffee & Latte

Maui Wowi offers premium iced coffee drinks, including lattes and mochas, using the popular Toddy system to create the perfect pick-me-up.

Maui Wowi Iced Coffee & Latte

Cold Brewed Coffee

Patented in 1964 by a chemical engineering graduate at Cornell University, the Toddy system is a cold brewed method that is said to provide a smoother, more flavorful product. The unique technology prides itself on being a simple way to brew coffee with a lower acidity level and more flavor. It uses time, rather than heat to extract the flavor and caffeine, while leaving behind the bitter taste of undesirable elements, according to the website.

Maui Wowi® has been proudly using the Toddy® system for years and that’s what makes our Maui Wowi iced beverages so delicious!

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